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This company was one of the first denim producers in Italy. After manufacturing for many of the top global brands, they founded "Put Jeansing" in 1969. Known for their quality and manufacturing skill, they soon became the key producer for many of the key denim brands. Today a new company is formed called AvantgarDenim. It utilizes the experience and expertise of yesteryear and blends it with the cutting edge technology of today.
 YESTERDAY, TODAY, TOMORROW Since the dawn of fashion denim, this company has been honing its skills in quality, finish and fit. We are proud to be able to introduce an unparalleled product and service with continuous restocking on designated styles. With models inspired from the 70's through today, this permits our stores to test new products and check their customer's response with the knowledge that they can immediately get back into business. AVANTGARDENIM, A NEW WAY TO REINTERPRET THE JEAN Thanks to their experience with denim since the 70's, constant research and experimentation with garment-dye, they give life to a new form of product that has never existed before in the denim market. They have created garments that are completely new in design and standards of comfort, mixing fabrics of new generation, new indigo jersey stretch and typical denim fabric. AvantgarDenim can only be found in the finest of specialty stores around the world
Aventures Des Toiles means Adventures of Canvas. Aventures Des Toiles sources contemporary paintings from all over the globe, from Africa to Santa Fe (and everywhere in between!) and then creates beautiful, original clothing using the art. Based on five paintings each season, under the guidance of Francois Gadrey, the design team of ADT, create some of the most exciting product in todays market place. Fresh, Creative and Innovative, this collection has been exceptionally well received by our customers who are now anxiously awaiting next season's exciting creations!


Hailing from Germany, over the last 20 years Beate Heymann has honed her design skills to a fine art. Utilizing the finest of fabrics, she is not scared to push the envelope, yet always keeping saleability in mind... This stunning collection is an absolute "must see"!
Cristina Gavioli is an innovative Italian brand conceived for the selective, fashion conscious, modern woman. Her dynamic lifestyle demands easy to wear fashion. She prides herself in quality and casual elegance. The collection covers all her ever-changing moods! Her dynamic style is easy to wear whether formal, cool or playful. She prides herself in quality and casual elegance, yet at the same time she provides excellent value for money.
With an artistic approach and athletic attitude, European Culture follows the new code of "Active Elegant Wear" in a unique way. It is genetically oriented towards the norms and materials associated with sportswear but turns it upside down. Formal, classic, tailor-made and military styles are mixed into a creative solution resulting in clothes that do not constrain. European Culture is cosmopolitan and individual. It draws from the influence of the fascinating European culture to create a sportswear fashion that is desired, simple and versatile. European Culture is synonymous with elegance, modern life and fashion. The collection is aimed at customers who have choices, who are particularly sensitive to quality and comfort, and who prefer clothes with an interesting, timeless design, not restrained by the concept of seasonal fashion. PHILOSOPHY and STRATEGY: GARMENT DYEING = COMFORT Since the very beginning, the brand has used garment dyeing technique to realize garments with a completely new DNA and a "never-seen-before" evolving design. It started employing materials originally used for sports and transformed them. The result was explosive: a real novelty. A non-stop, continuous fusion generating new, evolving types of clothing without casting aside the taste and elegance of the ultimate, real, "Made in Italy" style.
Henry Christ is Cashmere...
Love the new colors for Winter 2018!
Ultra feminine and bold, ageless styling is the signature that is Henry Christ . These knit experts select and work with only the finest Cashmere from Lower Mongolia. This design house generates the perfect balance between classic style and creativity . 
Just take a look at this season's collection to see why...
Indies is an exciting better contemporary womens collection born in the 
South of France under The Garella Group, one of France's leading manufacturers. The collection is full of life and spirit, paying attention to quirky details and femininity. Using innovative, Hi Tech fabrics, Indies has fast become a well known label amongst specialty boutiques who strive for a unique look. Indies continues to grow each season and continues to create beautiful, unforgettable clothing…
Pepito's has been dressing the jetsetting rich and famous in the beautiful southern town of Positano since 1962. Recognised for its relaxed resort attitude, today they work in linen and natural fibres, both woven and knitted. They make and source everything in Italy and you can certainly tell. The linen is luxurious! You should have seen the number of bags walking out of their stores! We hope you will take a peek and see for yourself....
Ana Alcazar
Unbreakable Evolution designs absolutely stunning mosaic graphics. Hundreds of little graphics make up these stunning prints. Each piece is an individual work of art. This is a very special, full collection of great items (sportswear, dresses and scarves), all made in Italy. Silvano Negri was born in Monza, Italy in 1964. He was commercial director and creative destructor of the genius group and WP working progress (Vans Shoes,Atlantis Snowbord and Volcom) 1993-97. From 1999-2004 he was the product manager and creater of Pacha merchandise, the Pacha shop and maker of the first Pacha corner. 2007 he launched the label Unbreakable Evolution. Welcome back to the story that never ends “…’cause we are unbreakable.”
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please contact FashionLink 1-213-627-1235
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